Trip to Nagari

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Trip to Nagari - View from Hilltop

It was a splendid and a rather easy trek that I went to after a very long time. A gap of almost 7 years that I’d almost forgot how to trek! I was scared that I would fall. My mind was becoming quite sombre with all negative thoughts that I was almost picturing what would happen if I fall. Break some limbs?! Oh my God! Even my first trek back in college days was not as scary as this one. This was because of the lack of confidence that I’d piled up in my mind as I was on my way. Normally this happens to all the people. When it is the first time that you jump into some adventure you won’t be able to feel a sense of fear. It’s because you simply don’t know what is in store for you! But here since I had already trekked a couple of time and since this was a close group trek I was the eldest among my teammates and I had all the responsibilities to take care of the others. Also given the fact that I cannot really depend on anyone for climbing up or getting down. These thoughts added up to the mounting fear in my mind. I almost wanted to go back home until I reached my bus station.

It was an annoying journey with my ever nagging brain asking me thousands of questions ranging from physical fitness to my possible fall from the hill. I missed my train, caught another train that was testing my patience, then got another bus to commute from thereon. I was usually with a group during my previous treks and transport was usually arranged and thereby leaving no room for worries. Here I was the organizer of my nightmarish journey (not really scary though.. all of this is the work of my brain). A distance of about 100 kilometres was expanded due to the mode of transport I had chosen. I literally used all types of transport available to commute.

Starting with a train to the Arakkonam junction and switching over to an auto-rickshaw to get to Arakkonam bus stand. If you are new to this place or if you are in a hurry you might probably be fooled into thinking that the overpriced autos are the only choice of commutation from this railway station. From the bus stand, I boarded a bus to Thiruttani which is enroute Nagari. From Tiruttani my friend (my brother in fact) was waiting with his bike to take me on an hour-long ride to Nagari. I and my teammates had planned that we would take a straight train to Nagari from Chennai which was less than 2 hours. Due to my nightmares and the resultant scarce sleep, I missed the only train by 30 minutes and apparently decided to go on this long route to the same place.

A 100-kilometre journey became 152-kilometre journey because of my lunacy. So, plan well. After the 3.5 hour long journey through a metro(from my home to Chennai Central Railway station)-Train-Auto-Bus-Bike-Car…., I reached the foot of the hill with my heart thumping ever loudly until I reached the foot of the hill.

With two freshers and one avid hill climber, I had set my journey to reach the hilltop. We took almost an hour and a half to climb before we reached the second pool. We decided to get into the second pool to quench our thirst for water for our body and soul. We ran into another group of men who tagged themselves to be part of the Chennai Runners group. To avoid them we climbed further to the second pool (initially we did not like them). To our shock, there were thousands of glass bottle shreds strewn all over our trail. This made our trek precarious and added to the tension as I was stepping onto some of the loose rocks already. My legs were a bit shaky.

First pool

All my negativity was manifesting now but, I summed up the courage to breathe and get up from my place so that I don’t look shaky. But I knew that my dearest friend had been noticing my weird behavior. I just wanted to fool myself into a thought that she did not!! Climbing further we reached the second pool but we had visitors. The banana lovers and little notorious thieves were on patrol. The monkeys had left by the time we reached the second pool. The second pool was a solitary bliss. In seeing and in experiencing the flow of water. We had to get down two boulders to reach there. My brother paving the way I happened to explore in my own way. On all four 😅 I went into the pool right behind my brother and I was trying so hard not to get scared at the sight of water. (YES! I’m quite scared of water).

We got into the pool one after another and drank the best tasting water soulfully and sat in for the free pedicure that the fishes had to offer. We were having our time of our lives. So peaceful everything seemed and we did not have the heart to leave the place. I was not carrying my phone so that I don’t miss experiencing anything as I had gone after all those years from the concrete jungle that I happened to live in.

Second pool

Spiked with interest in venturing further we had planned to proceed to the upper hillside which was hindered by strange smelling fumes that another group mate recognized to be that of weed or marijuana however it is likely to be named. It was a new set of men who we saw climbing uphill when we were enjoying in our pool. We had to stop our enjoyment in tracks and secure our group quickly. So scattered we were initially that anyone who may attack could have found it a lot easier. So we decided to stick together closely for our own safety. All the happiness in our faces were replaced with anxious hostile looks. We just wanted to get as far away as possible from the men with weed. Soon after that, we went from the second pool to the first one to see that our Runner group trekkers were gone. They had gotten out of the first pool, got dressed and were about to get down. We were not ready to get into the first pool again and so we just sat to admire the beauty of the solitary pool for a while just before the third set of intruders with notorious looks on their faces. We started off to get down with the runners group. We wanted to feel safe so we were nimble enough to keep up with their pace and we were almost mingling with their group in just a while later. We encountered many slippery rocks and as our clothes were already wet and our clothes were dripping it made our feet further slippery and climbing downhill seemed a bit dangerous (for me!).

We rested again to take more pictures of the town from the hill and then get down faster with the runners group. We were approaching the foot of the hill just as when I fell and hit my back on a nice round rock. Pain shooting through my spine and my hip I was not able to get up without any help. Another group mate who had earned my respect as my brother had picked me and made me stand. We got down and I was happy to be able to walk on my legs again! ( My negativity got the better of me). I finally realized how stupid I was to be so scared and to be negative on such a small trek as this.

We completed the trek in just 5 hours both climbing up and down and a decent amount of time at the pool. This is a small hill indeed. an easy one too.We went to my brothers house to have our food and leave to Chennai.I still remember the hospitality offered my brothers family to total strangers.

I have to thank his mother who was so nice to us and made this trek a happier one despite all the odds.

Simply loved the experience.

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