Productivity burning you out?

One day we are all about leisure time and the other day we run behind productivity hacks. What we really want is something we do not even know about. Productivity is a concept spoken by many people these days!

First of all, what is productivity? Being busy all the time? Or is it completing tasks before deadlines? I will say its neither of these. Want to prove me wrong? Well let me first see if you are rightly productive.

Being rightly productive I mean that we are either under performing or over performing in our line of productivity.

There are three kinds of people. Ineffective, Productive, Burnt out.

Which type are you?

Ineffective people are the ones who draw out mere plans and do not execute the plans. They have lot of excuses. Trying to blame other people or elements in our life for their ineffectiveness. We are not ready to invest time or money on ourselves.

We are living in a digital era which has succeeded in bringing food to our plate in an order from mobile devices.

When things weren't available easily (such as these lock down times) people had better ideas to get things done. We are here at home so that we can get back to our roots. Remind yourself that you are capable of doing great things.

We should not be too hard on ourselves and learn to appreciate our body, mind and soul for what it is.

Being ineffective is a way we let our brain sleep

Types of people

for a long time and realize only after it is late.

The productive person on the other hand does not let time go out of hands like sand.

You can be greatly productive when there is lot of planning and performance enablers going inside your plan.

For example, if you want to wake up early you must put things away and sleep early. The performance enabler here is avoiding gadgets after it is 10 p.m.

Sounds simple? Well, some gadget addicts have proved otherwise.

To get many things done in a short period of available time we need well planned automations. Like having a meal plan ready for a whole week or having your blog post calendar ready for a month. Having a standard content strategy for all your contents.

Productivity is not an overnight hack. It's an habit. Cultivate it step by step to achieve greatness in it.

The Burnt out person, is someone with "perfectionist" mania. Yes, you heard me right.

The perfectionism is the worst enemy for productivity. In the name of being perfectionist we tend to while away our time trying to perfect the things almost completed and not get into the next task in hand.

Quick hack to be normal and productive:

1. Learn to prioritize your tasks.

2. Create a time table like a school kid. Remember the kid in our class who missed writing the last chunk of notes just because he/she has writing troubles or perfectionism issues? I guess every class had at least one of such kids.

We tend to stick on to the time tables like a school kid

There is a wise saying that states, "Task fills up the available time" reminding us of the last minute exam preps and home works during break time.

3. Audit your performance every week. Put your performance tracker sheet in your fridge to be viewed by everyone.

4. There you are. There is no fourth point to my list. I just wrote this to remind you to download your planner here.

Plan your week
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Have fun being quick and wacky.

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