Enchanting Kolli hills

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

To every soul that loves to travel and explore Kolli hills is a definite treat. Surrounded by series of hills the feel and the looks of these ranges are sure to stun anyone by the peace that it gives one at its sight.

Unlike a normal hill station this one is less commercialized and thus still holds its natural beauty.

We started off from our Namakkal home in the morning by around 6am and were on our way to Kolli hills via Senthamangalam.

We must note that we should fill our tanks before crossing Senthamangalam as there are number of petrol bunks out there and stock yourself with sufficient amount of liquid cash (ATMs also before Senthamangalam). Do not expect any card machine services out there on the hills.

Once we plan to go on this journey remember to pack some extra set of clothes and an umbrella if the weather predicts any rain. You will regret if you miss your umbrella, because getting into your car with wet clothes will be a big mess and so is staying inside your car when the rain makes the place so beautiful.

We did not pack any extra clothes nor any fruits and snack items. We wanted to feed the monkeys but we had to buy everything from uphill for that. Preferably pack your food for the day (something light of course).

Coming back to my travel history! We were on this 23km route as you can see on the map below.

Route map to Kolli Hills from Namakkal

It took more than 45 minutes for us to reach because the person driving the car was my husband’s uncle (late). He’s a very sensible and a great person behind the wheels.

Reaching the foothills we went through the forest guard office to get our permit tickets. These hills are a home to three reserved forests namely, Ariyalur solai, Kundur nadu, Puliancholai.

Hiking and trekking possibilities are also there. But I have never tried trekking there. Here we have to cross 70 hairpin bends to get to the hill-top and reach the Arapaleeswarar temple. On our way we visited the famous Kollippaavai / Ettukkai amman temple. The principal deity of this temple Kollippaavai whose name is used for naming the hills as Kolli hills.

After this temple the route is clear upwards to proceed to Arapaleeswarar temple. Behind Arapaleeswarar temple we parked our vehicle and proceeded onto the originating place of the falls Aagaya Gangai. We played in the water for a while and enjoyed watching the descent of the waterfalls. This is just a rocky terrain were water flows. During monsoon we must be really careful in stepping on these rocks.

Then we went on to the Aagaya Gangai falls.

Aagaaya Gangai

The bigger steps I had ever seen to visit a falls was that of “Aagaya Gangai” falls. 1302 steps and counting my heart beat. But the grace of the 300 feet waterfalls from the river Panchanadhi or Aiyaru, her flow and the rhythm in which she falls is something that makes you forget this world and everything in it.

The magnificent falls is at her best during monsoons. But the steps down to the falls might scare people owing to the slipperiness. But, if you have that seeking soul you might not want to miss this heaven. Take a dip here in these falls and you will surely be allured by its serenity. Spending a refreshing time here is important. Do not be in a hurry to leave the place. Be prepared with a set of dried clothes to avoid slipping in the stairs during your ascent.

The hill climate is a real pleasant one. I have visited the hills for around 3 times and each time my experience had been unique. Although I never spotted any animal other than the monkeys and sometimes normal squirrels and birds.

There is another interesting place that is called in Tamil as Vazhukkampaarai which means Slippery rocks. Literally these rocks are so slippery that if we get down to that place we would probably loose control of our legs as it resembles a gradual slide (be cautious of thorn bushes though!). There is a tiny dam like structure built in here that gets water from some falls in the hills. If you lie down on these rocks you would experience the thrill within yourself of being inside a valley surrounded by kolli hills. We could spend a beautiful evening by just lazing out here.

Apart from this place the Kolli hills is filled with farming lands owned both by the farmers and some of the medical farms of Tampcol can be found too. You can also spot pepper plantations alongside your way up. So be sure to pick them up on your way back home.

Coffee, Black pepper, Hill banana, Hill honey, Eucalyptus oil, Millet varieties, Jackfruits amongst other fruits are delicious there.

Carry sufficient amount of water if you are going on a 2 or 3 day trip.

We visited the famous Arapaleeswarar temple and started back downhill.

For more such experiences read my other posts.

Kolli hills Vazhukkampaarai

Until next experience, Take care!

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